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Essay Topics Related To Media: Top 15 Great Suggestions

The media is a huge subject that has so many different essay topics that can be written. If you are asked to create an essay on the media, there are so many different directions you can go in. The most important thing when you are deciding on a topic is to write on one that you think will interest your readers. Write about something that is important to your audience. This way you won’t be writing for nothing. Also choose something you are passionate about. Your passion will come through in your writing and you will create a better essay if you write on something you enjoy.

  1. How media can hurt our teen’s self-esteem. Do commercials make our children think that models are the normal way people should look?

  2. Can violent video games cause aggression in children? Do the shooting games that kids love to play desensitize them to violence?

  3. Is the newspaper a thing of the past because of the internet? The internet has up-to-the-minute news and is more current then the paper that was printed yesterday.

  4. Is our privacy being invaded by the media? Our personal lives are being broadcasted all over things like Facebook and then our employers are getting a look at our personal lives as well as creditors, etc.

  5. Police brutality is being exposed due to cell phone videos. Cell phone videos can capture any events that never before have been able to be seen. Police have always been able to do what they wanted without worrying about people seeing what really goes on. It has always been their word against the victim’s. Cell phone videos have changed that.

  6. How dangerous can sexting be to teenagers?

  7. Bullying has worsened due to the internet?

  8. Can the internet be the answer to getting a college education?

  9. Are books a thing of the past with the internet?

  10. The futures of libraries are in jeopardy due to the internet.

  11. How has the media affected our language?

  12. How much to commercials affect our buying patterns?

  13. Would football be less dangerous if the games were not televised?

  14. Have commercials changed the way teenagers view themselves?

  15. Will the internet lead to the end of movies?

The most important thing is that you write about something that interests you and then do the research so you can back your words with facts.

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