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A List Of Fresh Extended Essay Topic Ideas For College

Students are required to write a large number of essays to acquire their diplomas and quite often, the most difficult task is the selection of topic. It is easy to understand why, a student can seriously destroy their chances of success should they select a poor topic to write upon. Experienced writers understand the significance of making excellent topic selections.

While one may not always be fortunate enough to be able to find an assay topic that suits them perfectly, one must always try. By giving yourself many options, you could greatly increase your chances of finding a topic that suits both your personality and your writing abilities. There are many ways to increase your options, brainstorming may be the most commonly accessible methods, but I’m sure with a little effort, you could find many more. Consider the following topics to help you along:

  1. What are the cumulative effects of high school, chemistry experiments on the chemical compositions of local waters sources?

  2. Is it possible for students to create a dangerous substance, using the chemicals usually present in the average school laboratory?

  3. What are the possible injuries that can occur in a chemistry lab, at your college?

  4. Is the act of dissecting a frog at school during biology lab class, a risk for persons afflicted with certain phobias?

  5. What are the effects of chemical treatments for insect pests like mosquitoes, on the other inhabitants of the affected area?

  6. Is it possible to create and spread a deadly pathogen in the facilities contained in most school biology labs?

  7. What does the astronomical motion of the night stars say about the the place of the earth, within this large system?

  8. The moon is responsible for the tides and night light, according to its phases, how significant is the contribution of moon to the existing life on the planet?

  9. Is it possible for life to evolve, according the pattern of the occurrence of solar eclipses on the planet?

  10. What are the conditions required to start a new business venture and succeed?

  11. What are the major responsibilities held by managers in fast food companies?

  12. How does the duties of a teachers affect their ability to live their personal lives, as they would prefer?

  13. Do the actions of our fore fathers, still affect us today?

  14. Will indigenous tribes ever recover from their first encounter with Europeans?

  15. How did the Cuban missile crisis affect the world’s view of the country.

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