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Crafting An Outstanding Rhetorical Analysis Essay – Practical Tips

Since a rhetorical analysis essay is basically a commentary on someone else’s work, you need to be careful in going about it the right way without making your paper seem like you have simply relied on age-old essay writing formulas. Here are some practical tips you can use to help your essay stand out:

  • It might be a good idea to isolate the one or two main points or angles that you will be looking at in your research paper. This will hold true for any kind of work that you are analyzing, whether a written narrative, visual text or any other art form. It is important to identify your own voice and stance so that the reader of your paper doesn’t get confused with all the other information you are providing, as to what your “point is.” What you can do is perhaps write down these two points of argument that you want your paper to be about. Make sure that your work reflects the stance that you are taking and all references made or citations given are proving those two points.

  • The first part of your analysis should consist mainly of the research and homework that you have done on your work. It should consist of important factors of the work that you are analyzing, such as structure, style, imagery, target audience, etc. All this information should go into the beginning of your thesis; this should be the introduction to your work.

  • After this informative introduction comes your actual analysis. Ideally, you should follow the introduction with a thesis statement, basically what your dissertation is going to be about. Your analysis of the work doesn’t necessarily have to agree or be a positive review, instead it should be a more neutral point of view of whether you believe the work that you are analysing works for the audience and achieves its purpose or not.

  • These above opinions that you state in your paper, of course, need to be helped along with relevant citations and references. This is where your thorough homework will come in handy.

  • Your conclusion should be a sort of “wrapping up” the analysis with your initial thesis statement. Stress on your main point again as now they will be more credible given that you have made all your arguments and supported them with enough evidence. This should be a sort of summary of your entire work and ideally should be as concise as possible.

Follow these practical tips. Before you realize it, you will have crafted your own outstanding rhetorical analysis essay.

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