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How To Select Strong Topics For Descriptive Essays: Tips & Examples

A descriptive essay asks students to describe something or someone, providing relevant characteristics and features. You can write about an object, place, experience, person, emotion, event, etc. It’s important to portray an image using vivid language and good examples. Your main task is to help the readers form an impression of something that you describe. Choosing a strong topic is the first important step, so take time to brainstorm or search for sample ideas.

How to Come Up with a Good Descriptive Essay Topic

  1. Remember that your idea should have a number of qualities that arouse curiosity and evoke some kind of emotion from the reader.

  2. Write down a few general topics that seem interesting to you or pick three-four ideas from a list provided by your instructor.

  3. Take these topics and think of characteristics that you can use as headings for the parts of your essay.

  4. Consider what feelings or visions each prompt evokes and select the ideas that you like the most.

  5. Conduct a fast literature study to find out something impressive about every chosen prompt and add the found details to your list.

  6. Narrow down your topic idea to a few options and discuss them with your friends, then take a break and make a final decision.

  7. Check out if a chosen topic is relevant to the class, invokes most of the five senses, and allows you to demonstrate your creativity.

What You Can Write Your Paper About

  • An interesting place.
  • You can describe a place where many people haven’t been but you have, for example, an exotic island or the local data center. You may also write about your favorite places like a café or a yoga studio focusing on the reasons why you like this place, your personal impressions, or sweet memories it wakes in you.

  • A character.
  • There’s an endless amount of topics about characters. You may describe your favorite movie hero, write about the family member you’re proud of, or tell the reader about the features you like most in your best friend. Ensure to include examples of actions that illustrate these features.

  • A complex concept.
  • Look around to figure out a complex something that you can compose your essay about. Any technological item, natural system, or even imaginative concept can become your study subject. So, consider examining how the transportation system operates in your area, what the nature of a thunderstorm is, or what fantasy creature you’d like to meet.

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