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10 Argumentative Essay Topics About Political Reforms To Explore

The discussion on political reforms is one that goes on in almost every other country. This is because people will never feel the same way about certain political environments or activities that go on therein. It is only fair, particularly in a democratic state, to have people thinking differently about different issues, even when they are on the same side. After all, no two people will always think alike all the time, and share the same sentiments about the same issues.

Writing an essay on political reforms is something that should come easy to you, particularly when you are looking at the prospect of writing this paper, having spent some time in a political science class. Even for those who haven’t, writing this essay is not supposed to be as much of a challenge as most of us might think.

All you need is to come up with a good topic, research on it and proceed to writing a good paper that will earn you marks. Here are some ideal ideas that you can consider:

  1. Discuss how women empowerment can be taken a notch higher through political reforms

  2. Discuss some of the policies that eventually led to the collapse of the USSR

  3. Explain the nature of the security sector reforms in North and South Korea, and how these reforms have bene championed through political policies

  4. The American Occupation has often been seen as a driver of change in the societies and communities where it thrives. Discuss the impact of the American Occupation and the reforms that were imposed on the Japanese society.

  5. Citing relevant examples, discuss the occurrence and justifications behind non-state political violence

  6. Discuss the role of the feminist movement in the political sphere all over the world

  7. Modern political theory has been seen as a distant relative to liberalism. There are critics to this school of thought who think otherwise. Argue in favor of or against the relationship between liberalism and the modern theories of politics that have been advanced over the years

  8. President Obama has been criticized for so many things, and praised in equal measure. Discuss some of the political reforms that his administration can be proud of

  9. Discuss the political ramifications of getting in bed with China, for African nations

  10. Explain how unsuccessful political reforms eventually led to the collapse of Rome

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