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Helpful Hints For Creating An Essay Title On The Vietnam War

For sure you heard about Vietnam War before, and you know how destructive it was. Many people keep it in mind until today, and there are dozens of books that you can read about it. With all this information available, it shouldn’t be a big problem to write an essay about it, but you can’t seem to know from where to start. How should you approach this issue without seeming insensitive? Should you involve politics? Well, these helpful hints will tell you everything you need to know:

  • Discuss about why this was a cold war and give examples of other similar wars. It was very important for America to keep the communism away, especially in a time when the communism dominated almost half of the planet. Therefore, they put into battle everything they had to protect their democracy.

  • Don’t involve politics in your essay. We all know that there are many complicated factors who lead to this war, but you don’t have enough knowledge or time to analyze them in your composition. Besides, many things are still unclear even after all these years, so you don’t want to get in a conflict with people who have another opinion.

  • Try to talk with a veteran. Before you decide what title you will choose, talk with a veteran and see what he has to say about this war. This can really open your eyes about what happened there are you will not be in such a hurry to judge the people who participated in the war. If you want, you can quote him in your composition so you can allow your classmates to understand this event in better way.

  • Talk about the napalm strikes. These on their own can be the primary title of your composition, because they were so devastating and they left their marks until today. Airplanes were throwing napalm over civilian cities, and many people diet or were left with severe scars.

  • Don’t try to make it nice. All wars are traumatic, and your colleagues know this very well. When you choose the title make sure that you are realistic and objective and you don’t try to beautify this event. In the end, your professor will appreciate that you took your time to choose the most suitable title, no matter how difficult the subject is.

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