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The Most Efficient Ways To Improve Your Graduate Essay

If you take an innovative approach, you can turn even the most boring topic into an extraordinary essay. When writing your graduate essay you must keep in mind that you have two goals.

  • The first is to create a good image for yourself and to prove that you are not like the rest of the applicants or just a GPA score. You need to prove that you have an intriguing personality and an amusing life.

  • The second one is to impress the admissions officer so much that your way in is guaranteed. No two essays are alike, so each demands a different approach. However, you can follow the next tips and your essay will have a better chance to get you accepted.

What you Should Do

No institution will accept your application if you haven’t answered the question or questions they demand. Pay attention to that part and do your best to give extraordinary answers.

  • Be original. It may seem impossible to you, but it isn’t. The only way to prove that is by letting your personality and creativity flow over the paper. Mix up the words in the sentences. Instead of writing generic structure, try telling a story in your own words.

  • Don’t overdo it with complex words. Big words are good, but they don’t make an essay. Especially if they are completely out of context or put in the wrong place. If you want to use big words, first learn what the word exactly means. You can have the best chance if you appeal to all five senses of the admissions officer. Make him/her create a vivid image in their head.

  • Stand out from the crowd. There are so many graduate essays that the admissions officer will surely not read all of them. You will have to capture their attention with the introduction. You must lead strong. You can even write the whole essay and then come back to the introduction and redo it so that it looks better.

  • Don’t make the introduction a summary of the essay. If you do that, then there will be no need for the officer to continue reading it. Give a reason, not a narration of events. If possible, make the admissions officer wonder where you are going with it and what you want to say. Of course, in a good way. All paragraphs should sound connected and you should use transition words for each paragraph. Finally, make the conclusion worth the while. Don’t summarize, stand out with a witty comment or an idea that will get you accepted.

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