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Definition Essay Topics: 20 Ideas You Should Consider

A definition essay reaches far beyond the tenets of definition. When you are defining something, you can just classify or identify the object. However, if you are writing an academic project on it, you need to give examples and expand upon the central idea as found in a commonly accepted definition for an object.

What you shouldn’t do while writing a definition article?

You shouldn’t just choose a topic that you can describe in a few words, or a few sentences. For example, if you choose ‘apple’ or ‘dog’ as your definition article topic, you can just wrap it up within a few hundred words. There’s no scope to expand upon the central idea. Good definition papers are those that can be interpreted in a number of ways.

For instance, if you are writing on spirituality, many of your readers will have the scope to interpret the definition from their perspectives. Some of the readers may not also agree with you and they may argue with you. However, a successful definition piece is one that triggers many questions.

Twenty ideas you should consider

Here are 20 something suggestions for you if you are stuck at the very beginning of writing an academic paper. Here are some topic suggestions.

  1. Seniorities

  2. Success

  3. The ideal shopping experience

  4. Laziness

  5. Cheating

  6. The Great American Dream

  7. Marriage

  8. Rudeness

  9. Family

  10. Home

  11. A good life partner

  12. Respect

  13. Honesty

  14. Privacy

  15. Fashion

  16. Heroism

  17. Beauty

  18. Poverty

  19. Masculinity/Femininity

  20. Courage

Keep in mind that writing an academic paper of this type requires reading and research. You can start with a simple introduction and later move on to expanding on the idea encapsulated in the introduction part only. You can also get a feel of how these papers are written by visiting an online journal or library. These places usually have a large stock of definition pieces that cannot be found in the public domain.

Follow the basics while writing the article. Prepare an outline of the essay you are going to write first. After that, add flesh to the bones (i.e. expand upon the central idea or do more research to substantiate the argument). For writing definition, you may have to consult etymological dictionary. However, always keep in mind that you need to define a topic from the present time, which means that you need to take current meaning of the topic or word while writing.

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