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Helpful Directions On How To Pick Up Winning Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative essays are fun. You get to voice your opinion on subjects. You will need to support your opinion with solid resources such as quotes and data. The better the topic, the better the paper. With a great idea, you can have a strong and a powerful thesis statement.

You also want to make sure your idea is unique, but not so unusual that no support can be found on the subject. Use Mypaperwriter.com for reliable assistance and helpful directions on how to pick up winning argumentative essay topics.


  • Look at social media and current newspapers to see what subjects are trending. Just be careful that the idea is not so new that there is no information on it yet.

  • Consider looking at a national debate and speech website. Those sites and there are a few, keep up with current subjects. Debate is the art of arguing, so this is a great place to find many ideas for you to consider.

  • Keep an eye on your emotions, especially if you are passionate about the subject. Your emotions are good, but you cannot let them get away from you. If you have an emotional point, it has to be supported with solid sources such as data and statistics.

  • Do a web search for subjects. There are hundreds of spots that keep track of the best subjects for this style of paper. Just keep in mind that you might want to change up the idea a little bit, as other students will also be looking at those same spots.

  • Consider getting a news update app for a national newspaper. You will get alerts on trending subjects and events. You can use this as a source for ideas. The alerts come as they are needed or as things happen. These alerts are free of charge and help you to stay current on important events.

  • You can go ask your teacher. Most teachers have a list of choices that they think would make for a good paper. Teachers do not mind it when they are asked for help and they can give suggestions to their students. A teacher is always a good resource to use.

  • Look at magazine covers. You do not have to read the entire magazine, just look at the magazine covers and read the headlines to get suggestions or direction in topic choices.

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