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Helpful Homework Tips On Essay Writing: Argument Topics

If you have been tasked with writing an argumentative essay as your assignment, there are a number of things that you need to think about. Most of the time students get home with such tasks without thinking about the nature of work that they are supposed to do. This is the first sign of trouble. By the time you get your hands on the real context of the work that you should do, things would have already gotten out of hand.

It is therefore important for you to try and find out some useful tips that will help you deal with this work. First off, all your homework must always be done, and in the correct way. If you want to get higher grades, you can use answers to homework provided by online help services. The marks that you get in your assignment will go a long way in as far as your studies are concerned. As a matter of fact, these marks will actually be a part of the average marks that you will get in your final grade.

The following are some useful topics that will help you work on your paper and get the best marks for it:

  • Discuss the current electoral process, and explain whether you find it fair in your own perspective

  • Discuss global warming, citing some controversial legislation that have been passed in relation to this

  • Explain why the death penalty is not one of the most effective was of punishing a crime

  • Learning institutions spend a lot of time focusing on standardized tests instead of providing learning opportunities that really add value to the lives of students. Discuss

  • Child bearing is a collective affair between the men and women. For this reason, men should also be allowed to take paternity leave from work to allow them bond with their children. Discuss

  • There are different taxation systems that are currently in place. Discuss whether the system in place in your country is fair, and if not, propose a better system, citing reasons why it would be more effective than the status quo

  • How effective are curfews that are instituted by parents on their kids, in helping them stay out of trouble?

  • Research has often used different animals, and in particular rats. Explain some of the ethical challenges that research scientists go through in such a case

  • Discuss how parents can take to the internet to protect their kids from predators while at the same time helping their kids learn from the internet

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