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Writing A Context Response Essay On The Yellow Wallpaper

If you have been studying Yellow Wallpaper then you may have been asked to write a context response essay related to the piece of literature. If so, then you can expect an interesting experience, as this is a relatively unique form of writing.

Understanding the requirements of a context response essay

Before you can start the work, you will obviously need to have a better understanding of what is required of you. Essentially, you will need to try and use a particular theme in order to discuss the context of things. To some extent, you will refer to the literature that you have studied; however, unlike many other academic papers, you will not necessarily need to focus too heavily on the text. In fact, it is largely up to you as to how much you focus on the Yellow Wallpaper.

Freedom to write according to the style of your choosing

There are many freedoms when writing this form of academic paper, including the ability to choose the style of writing that you will use. For example, it doesn’t necessarily need to take the typical form of most academic papers; in fact, you can write it more like a review or article, or any other style of your choosing, within reason.

Incorporating the Yellow Wallpaper into your work

As mentioned, you do not necessarily need to refer to the text particularly heavily; however, you may wish to identify various themes or aspects of the literature to use as part of your context response.

For example, feminism is obviously an important theme within the work and, therefore, you may wish to discuss feminism, and how it is written about in the Yellow Wallpaper.

Incorporating your own interpretations

As mentioned, you have quite a few creative freedoms and, therefore, you need to include your own interpretations of various themes that you are discussing. In fact, in many ways, you can simply use the literature as a starting point, before allowing your writing to go to whichever direction you please.

Ultimately, this may seem like a very daunting piece of work to have to create at first, and, in many ways, it will be far less structured than other work that you have done; however, due to the freedoms that you will have, many students will actually find that they can be far more creative, and it is far easier to express themselves.

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