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How To Come Up With A Unique And Interesting Essay Title

You’ve probably experienced that unsettling and annoying feeling that comes right after finishing an essay and drawing a complete blank when it comes to writing a title to what is otherwise a very good paper. The problem is often stems from wanting to be both unique and interesting but somehow lacking the confidence to put something down from which to start. This happens to even the most experienced of academic writers, as they too reach then end of the work and completely freeze when it comes to creating a title that they hope is captivating enough to interest their audience. If you find yourself in this familiar position you might want to consider trying out one of these three methods for coming up with a great essay title:

Know what your title attempts to accomplish

If you find yourself drawing a blank you should simply take a breath and relax. Remember the basic purpose of your essay title: it’s meant to capture the attention your audience. Just think about how ineffective a simple title like “My History Paper Assignment” is compared to “The Fall of the American Empire.” One doesn’t capture anyone’s attention, while the other intrigues and compels the reader to read more. However, be sure not to mislead your audience because then you’re setting them up for disappointment and will likely receive negative feedback.

Understand that even the title requires a process

Writing a title isn’t different from writing any other sentence in your paper in that it too may require some revision, editing, and proofreading. Writing is a process and sometimes it’s just good to get an idea down so that you can come back to it with a critical and fresh mind to make the changes necessary to make improvements. Go ahead and write out a draft title when you write your first draft then come back and change it when you do your revision.

Take a look at your paper for some ideas

The last method worth trying is to look at your content and write down the most important ideas expressed in each paragraph. Brainstorm these statements and see if can come up with a single title statement that captures the essence of everything you have discussed. You don’t want to create a title that is too long so you’ll certainly have to condense. But with enough focus you should be able to narrow your statements down to a single interesting title.

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