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How To Write An 8th Grade Persuasive Essay: Creative Approach

At this age level, teachers are taking a student’s paper writing skills more seriously than in previous years. Most students have already written several essays by this grade level. The expectations are higher and there is usually a bit more freedom given for choosing persuasive essay topics for middle school students. Students at this age are good at getting their own way in verbal speech, any parent could attest to that. But they may need some assistance in writing persuasively.

Students will present an argument and then use their writing skills to convince the reader to agree with them. Some parental assistance can be very valuable during this process. The following information should get you started in the right direction.

The process of writing

Brainstorming is a great way to get some pre-writing done. The student can write all the ideas that come into their head, bounce ideas off another person, use some research resources if necessary, and look in media for supplementary material.

A rough draft can be written after enough ideas have been gathered. If your student has a difficult time in staying focused on the topic, suggest they use all their main ideas to construct an outline. This is a great way to see how the paper will fit together and what to write next in order to stay on topic.

Using Persuasive Techniques

When using persuasion, you appeal to the reader’s emotions, logic and ethics. You must have done the research and have the facts and statistics in order to appeal to their logic. You must back up your claims with expert opinions. There should be an emotional appeal. This can be in the form of emotionally charged words or phrases, or as anecdotes. Use powerful vocabulary. In order for your 8th grade student to accomplish this, you may need to lend your assistance. Guide them through the validity of their sources. Encourage them to choose publications from government organizations or universities.

Using the Counter Argument

This is actually an essential part of making the persuasion work. The counterargument is the opposing view. The student must be able to make an educated stand for the counter argument but in doing so, the student shows they are believable. Of course, they will also attempt to prove why the counter argument is flawed and not as believable as their argument, so they can score a win with their persuasive abilities.

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