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A Manual For Composing A 3-Paragraph Essay On Soccer

This type of essay is for beginning essay writers that are just learning how to compose an essay. It is actually a visualization of the three components of an article and it forces the writer to organize their thoughts into the proper sequence of events.

  1. Introduction
  2. The introduction is where you where you explain what your thesis is and your statement of purpose. In this instance, you already know your subject, now you have to create a thesis statement about soccer. Once you have the statement you have to create one more sentence to reel the audience in so they will have an interest in continuing to read the article.

  3. Body
  4. Here is where you elaborate on your thesis statement. You need to come up with three points to substantiate your thesis or make your argument. Depending on what your thesis statement was on soccer, this will guide you on what is included in the body. Remember, find three points to back what your statement is saying. Don’t stray beyond those three points.

  5. Conclusion
  6. In this paragraph, you need to remind your reader what your thesis statement was and also leave the reader with something to think about. It is a good idea to restate your three points briefly that you elaborated on in your body.

Outline your essay

It is best to start now building good habits for creating essays. It may not be necessary with this type of essay but it will be later on with more complicated essay so you may as well start now to build these good habits. Your outline should have three roman numerals; one for the introduction, body and conclusion. Under your introduction put the letters A and B and put the thesis statement after A and the statement of purpose after B. Under the body list the letters A, B, and C and put each of the three points you are using to make your argument next to each letter. Finally, under the conclusion, put the letters A, B, and C and restate your thesis statement after the letter A, briefly restate your three points after the letter B, and finally leave the reader with something to think about after the letter C.

All that is left is to write the essay using your outline as a map. If you stay within your map, your essay will be a success.

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