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Simple Guide To Composing An Essay Describing Yourself In One Word

Learning how to put your own vision of yourself into words is a nerve-racking experience. Many essay writing experts admit that this task does require a lot of effort. The point on which most of them agree is that you have to find a desirable balance – don’t over exaggerate, but mention just enough to impress your reader. If you aren’t 100% sure about your skills, you can always pass this assignment on to professionals. Here is a great resource that will ease your struggles.

Why Is Self-Description So Important in Essays?

First and foremost, very few people are able to bear the temptation of depicting themselves as ideal human beings without any bad habits or obsessions. Because of this, its’s extremely rare that self-descriptive essays reflect the real life of writers. If you are perfectly honest and sincere in your work, it will be definitely noticed by the examiners who are “trained” to smell fakeness. Specifically, it’s a big issue in western cultures, where being too nice about yourself is confused with arrogance and self-indulgence. Don’t be scared to show your true image and qualities – otherwise, people will never know about them.

How to Draw a Real Picture of Yourself

  1. Prepare a couple of phrases.
  2. It’s always useful to have a few clichés in mind. Simply learn some smart ways to start a sentence. At the same time, don’t use the things that everyone else is already fed up with.

  3. It’s normal to be aware of your strong sides.
  4. Don’t be afraid to list the qualities that make you who you are. Mentioning your positive inclinations will be more than welcomed – since this improves your confidence and self-esteem.

  5. Don’t forget about the weaknesses.
  6. Conversely, it’s highly advisable to shed some light on your failures or wrong decisions. This, as a rule, helps readers to shape a certain type of character that the writer is predisposed to.

  7. Study appropriate adjectives.
  8. When it comes to description, adjectives are our main tool, with which we can either be victorious or unsuccessful. Learn the words that you relate yourself to the most. It’s tremendously vital that you are happy with your own description of yourself.

  9. Share stories.
  10. Think of an episode that precisely illustrates the “real you”. Apparently, readers would adore some sort of personal story with several characters.

Make sure you adhere to these tips and keep on developing your writing skills. The more trained and concentrated you are, the more truthful your self-description will be.

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