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Fresh Topics For Your Argumentative Essay On Entertainment

Writing an argumentative essay on entertainment is not as interesting as entertainment itself. However, it may be a very useful experience if you pick a good topic for your paper.

How Do You Select a Topic?

Make use of the following tips to come up with a perfect topic idea for your argumentative essay:

  • Decide on the category you want to explore. Choose any entertainment area you like: TV, music, sports, books, games, the Internet, lotteries, gambling, etc.

  • Pick a controversial topic idea. There should be at least two opposing viewpoints on the topic you consider to take. In your argumentative essay, you should argue for one point and refute other opinions. If your topic idea isn’t debatable, it won’t be good for your piece of writing.

  • Choose a topic that is emotionally appealing. Of course, you’ll support your position with strong arguments and detailed evidence. However, the best way to change one’s mind is to appeal to their emotions, disregarding any rational explanations.

  • Be original. Give preference to the topic idea that isn’t tried and overused. Write about something new and fresh, and your work will stand out from the pile of similar papers. Your teacher will definitely appreciate such a choice.

Are There Any Fresh Ideas for Your Argumentative Essay on Entertainment?

Of course, they are. Just look around, watch the TV, browse the Internet, and listen to what other people are talking about. Brainstorm on the issue and ask your friend for advice. Perhaps, you’ll come up with several unexplored ideas to develop in your argumentative paper. The following list of topic suggestions on entertainment may come in handy as well:

  • The entertainment media has a negative impact on society these days.

  • The use of animals for entertainment should be outlawed.

  • Shopping is a form of entertainment.

  • The majority of entertaining TV shows are stupid and pointless.

  • Entertainment for children should carry an educational value.

  • The use of violence on television to entertain is unacceptable.

  • People invest all their free time in meaningless entertainment instead of doing something useful.

  • Watching films in cinemas is better than watching movies at home.

  • Zoos should be banned.

  • Children shouldn’t take part in the entertainment industry.

  • Bad language is one of the key problems in the entertaining TV programs.

  • Gambling is an addictive form of entertainment.

  • Live entertainment is more important than virtual entertainment.

  • Children with learning disabilities develop better through entertainment and play.

  • Parents should control how their kids entertain on the Internet.

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