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Academic Writing Secrets: Words To Use In A Response Essay

Response essay is a formal review of an article, book, artwork with a little bit of twist. Given that response, essays are written in a first person objective, you can use phrases like “I believe” or “I thought” in the paper. The point is to give your opinion on the subject. This type of paper is assessment of an item with a personal view, impression and reaction to it. There are a few steps for completing the paper:

  • Read, watch or observe the piece. Without gaining initial understanding, you cannot write the paper.

  • Re-watch, reread the piece and try to understand it better. Pause and reflect from time to time.

  • Jot down your impressions and thoughts.

  • Develop a thesis

  • Start writing the outline

  • Write the essay

The First Paragraph

The first paragraph i.e. the introduction needs to start with a strong sentence. So, once you are done with the outline start thinking about the first sentence. This sentence should contain the name of the object, or the title of the book/movie you are giving your opinion on. Also, include the name of the author. The thesis statement, which is extremely important, is the last sentence of the introductory paragraph.

This type of essay is all about giving your opinion, so don’t feel shy to write “I feel” or “I believe”. If you take a look some samples you will see that besides comparing and analyzing the author gives its personal angle on the subject. Write how you feel and think. That is the whole point. You can include statements like:

  • The reader can conclude that

  • I did not like

  • I loved

  • I felt that

  • The images seemed to

  • The author seems to

  • It was clear that the artist was trying to

  • My favorite part was

It is important to show that you understand the topic and can do a good analysis, know the characters and the plot, can talk about the topic, have found evidence that support your arguments and beliefs, are familiar with the theme and the message. Make a careful analysis before you start so that you stand behind what you have written long after the paper is done. Make sure your attitude towards the topic is supported with examples and evidence. That will show you are a good critic.

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