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Tips On How To Come Up With A Character Analysis Essay Topic

The character analysis essay can be an interesting journey for the avid reader and writer since it attempts to explore deep into the mind of an interesting person, to uncover what makes them who they are. This essay does not necessarily need to be about a human person however, any entity with the ability to influence a situation may be considered a character.

The selection of a topic is an important and significant stage in the construction of any paper and should be treated with utmost importance. A bad topic choice can make an enjoyable exercise into a tedious task, follow these simple tips to help you choose an excellent character analysis topic:

  1. Research the types of characters that people find interesting
  2. Your readers are important, I don’t think you want to put hours of effort into creating a paper, only to compose a paper that no one is interested in reading. You could look at past essays that were well received by the public to give you a better idea about what your readers might like.

  3. Select a few from list that interests you
  4. Now that you have an idea of what to write about, you can brain storm a few ideas to help get you started. Don’t try to hard to come up with awesome ideas, just record any thought that pops into your head for a few minutes. When you are finished, review the list and select the ideas that seem to have potential.

  5. Do preliminary research on each of the characters you have chosen
  6. Now that you have a short list of options, conduct some research on each of them to assess how much available material each one possesses. This is vital to ensure you can compose a full, complete story.

  7. Select the character that has the most information available on them
  8. If you have many characters with a lot of information, choose the one that seems most interesting to you, but you must select one that has enough information available.

  9. Select a feature of the character you have chosen
  10. Study your chosen character and select what you consider to be their most outstanding feature.

  11. Formulate a hypothesis
  12. Make a testable prediction about the selected feature of your character and formulate a hypothetical statement based on this assumption.

  13. Create a title that expresses your hypothesis
  14. Use your hypothesis to formulate an interesting, two or three word title that clearly states your intentions to the reader.

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