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Basic Tips On How To Create An Essay About The Internet Revolution

For students familiar with the industrial revolution, the internet revolution has been termed as the “new industrial revolution.” That’s because it served to transform life as the way we knew it before the internet.

Tips about the internet revolution

  • Local has become global. You once knew only the people in your neighborhood or small community. You worked in your city or close by. Now you can find and meet people all over the world and you can work for someone on the other side of the globe with only a few clicks of the mouse.

  • 9-5 jobs are being replaced by online freelance jobs or work from home jobs

  • Employees in the traditional sense are being replaced by micro entrepreneurs, or “micrepreneurs”.

  • Even the English language has been transformed to meet the needs of the World Wide Web.

Tips to creating your own essay

In order to get better when it comes to writing, there are some things you can do in advance, such as:

  • Reading articles written by other people, especially papers in your field of studies. If you are in a psychology program, read papers written on psychology. This will expose you to many other writing styles, as well as increase your vocabulary.

  • Form your own writing style. You do this by reading other essays as well as practicing to write your own.

  • Build up your vocabulary and then do a lot of practice using it. There are sites that will send you one word a day with the definition and pronunciation. They could come right into your email box. If you take this one new word and try using it all day long in different contexts you are more likely to remember the meaning.

  • Practice developing an argument about a variety of different topics. You could choose them at random or look on the internet for lists. You don’t have to write a full paper each time you do this exercise, but writing a few paragraphs that fit together would be a good way to practice.

  • Try re-writing someone else’s piece of writing just for practice. Read through it and then write the essay using the same information but different words. This exercise helps you to find new ways of writing the same thing. You can do this with newspaper or magazine articles as well.

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