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Essay Topics For High School 20 Questions You Can Handle

Thinking of an essay topic can be hard and intimidating. You will soon see that thinking of a title is extremely easy. Taking your time to consider a high quality topic you like has many benefits, since you are probably going to pick something you already know about. With this notion in mind read this article to the end to see just how easy it is to think of an essay topic for high school.

  1. The planets of the solar system

  2. What are the differences between political groups?

  3. What are the benefits of having a healthy diet?

  4. Are computers good or bad in today’s society?

  5. Top 10 things you would like to do before you die?

  6. Is it a good idea to lend money to people that are close to you?

  7. What would you change about today’s modern society?

  8. What are the most popular sports in the world?

  9. What historical events happened in the past century?

  10. How many friends is a person capable of having?

  11. What are the main problems when you are trying to quit smoking?

  12. What are the main problems when you are trying to give up alcohol?

  13. What are the common problems when running a company?

  14. What are the top 3 recorded mass extinctions in the history of planet earth?

  15. Is it that important to have a lot of friends?

  16. What are the benefits of exercising every day?

  17. What are the advantages of waking up early in the morning?

  18. What are the disadvantages of going to sleep late at night?

  19. Is it important to have a girlfriend in high school?

  20. Is it that important to have a boyfriend in high school?

Here are just a few topics you can write about. Make sure you pick a topic that you understand and find interesting, since writing about something you don’t know is going to be a harder. Also picking a topic that you understand is going to get your grade up, because you already know where to begin. However, you can pick a topic you don’t understand and get a good grade by doing a lot of research.

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