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Psychology Essay Writing Topics: 10 Areas To Explore

Psychology is a vast science that has been developing a lot in the past century. This fascinating topic is so comprehensive and vast that choosing a particular area to explore more in depth can pose a real problem since there is so much information to choose from. Don't panic though, there are a few areas that are beside interesting, not so widely known either, so it's going to be a bliss to do a paper on them, and it's going to be off in the end, since you haven't only completed the task, but you have learned something in the process as well.

  1. Unconcious collective. This concept was firstly developed by Carl Jung, which has written a lot on subjects like this. It's a pretty abstract and hard to grasp the concept, but if you fully understand it, you will be able to see the world on a whole new level.

  2. Social manipulation. This is such an unpopular subject, although it affects everyone at some level, superficial or more in depth.

  3. Personal manipulation. Similar to the above, it gives a more profound look into the personal view of the world and how much it can be altered by a skilled professional.

  4. Technology. Nobody seems to realize that today's technology affects all of us on a psychological level. Presenting these facts to the audience will give them a nice new view of things.

  5. Religion. Although this is not a direct link, you talk about how religion has shaped personal and social psychological view of life and death after so many years.

  6. Temperaments. Although the vast majority of people don't know this, you are born with a certain type of temperament that you will never be able to truly change although it can be controlled.

  7. Models. This is by far my favorite one, simply because false idols are being promoted everywhere, and the younger generation needs to realize how important it is, from a psychological point of view, to have a healthy model in life.

  8. Lying. Everybody does it. It's a fact. But understanding why people do it in some context will help you in life more than you can truly realize at the moment.

  9. Studying. There are some tested methods that help improve studying capacities from a psychological point of view.

  10. Politics. Although these two areas are rarely combined, they have a close link and it will help you discover it.

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