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13 Popular Argumentative Essay Topics For High School Students

When it comes to high school English classes, the argumentative essay is one of the most common assignments. Teachers assign this essay because they want students to demonstrate their ability to pick a side of an issue and support their opinion. To get started on this type of writing, students will need to pick a topic. Afterwards, they will need to thoroughly research the topic to make sure that they get a top score.

Writing Persuasively

Known as argumentative or persuasive writing, this style is intended to sway the reader to see a different viewpoint. In real life, this style of writing is commonly used in the opinion section of the newspaper. When writing in this style, students start by introducing the subject and sharing their opinion. In each paragraph, they create a topic sentence that supports their original argument. Each topic sentence must also be backed by evidence that is designed to convince the reader to change their mind and agree with the student.

Top 13 Popular Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. With so many school shootings, many students feel nervous when they are on campus. Should guns be allowed on school campuses so that students can protect themselves or should they be outlawed on campuses completely to prevent shooters from bringing them into a public area?

  2. Since most people will ultimately become parents some day, should every high school student be required to take a parenting class before they graduate?

  3. Does the ability to communicate via Facebook or texting cause people to stop talking to each other as much face-to-face? Does social media actually encourage or create isolation?

  4. Are the security cameras that are used by businesses, banks and the government infringe on an individual's right to privacy?

  5. Do participation ribbons and trophies improve the mental well-being of children or does it cause humiliation and other negative psychological emotions?

  6. Since herd immunity protects infants from diseases, should parents be required to vaccinate their children?

  7. Should there be waiting periods or required education about abortions before someone is allowed to have an abortion?

  8. Would the minimum wage hurt or boost the general economy?

  9. Are people in modern society too dependent on technology?

  10. Should the average person be legally allowed to keep exotic pets like polar bears or lions?

  11. Should students be required to learn cursive writing when they are in elementary school?

  12. Should convicted felons be allowed to vote after they have finished their prison sentences?

  13. When is it acceptable to sentence a juvenile as an adult? Is it acceptable to charge a minor as an adult for a serious crime?

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