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Choosing Winning Essay Topics On Lord Of The Rings: 19 Prompts

If you want to craft a winning essay on the trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien, don’t go after the themes that are too obvious or overused, but give preference to some hidden messages and obscure questions. You won’t lack good ideas when picking a topic for your project on The Lord of the Rings, and the following tips will make the task even easier.

How to Come Up with an Original Essay Topic

First, define the facet you want to focus on. For example, you may research some philosophical issues in the novel, investigate the literary structure of the book, or dig deeper into some cultural or social problems. Afterward, pick a specific idea that is both narrow and interesting to you. If you still encounter any difficulties with creating the topic on The Lord of the Rings, you can find professional assistance here and get a unique topic that will meet all of your needs.

Interesting Essay Prompts to Inspire You

  1. What is the role of nature in the novel? Do the Ents, Old Man Willow, and Tom Bombadil consider it to be good or evil?

  2. How does Tolkien depict female characters in The Lord of the Rings? Are these views stereotypical?

  3. What is the role of storytelling in the book? How do the stories and legends the characters know and tell influence their own actions?

  4. How is the film version different from the book? Pick any character and analyze how he or she is presented in both versions.

  5. Which scenes are omitted in the film version? How does it affect the general perception of the story?

  6. Do you agree that the Ring should be destroyed or do you have an opposing viewpoint? Why?

  7. Does the quest end successfully because of luck, fate, or the courage of some characters?

  8. Why does the author use so many ending scenes in the trilogy? Can The Lord of the Rings be considered a traditional quest narrative?

  9. What is the role of songs in the novel?

  10. How are knowledge and wisdom interpreted by Tolkien?

  11. Are there any Christian notes in the novel?

  12. Why does Tolkien choose Frodo to bear the Ring?

  13. What does the One Ring symbolize?

  14. How are good and evil described in the novel?

  15. How does the author define “a hero”? Who is the hero of the book?

  16. What new fantasy techniques does Tolkien apply in the trilogy?

  17. What English themes are present in The Lord of the Rings?

  18. How is friendship depicted in the story?

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