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The Basic Do’s And Don’ts Of Writing An Informative Essay

Students are required to write different types of essays. For some students, writing is a piece of cake, but others consider it a daunting experience. They block and are unable to think clearly in that manner. However, we are here to help.

Almost all essays have similar format, and you should only make sure to follow it. Failing to follow the format, you might create a messy writing.

As the name implies, an informative essay inform or educate readers about the topic. Here is what you should do when you have such writing:

  • Choose topic that you think readers are not so familiar with. Otherwise, the topic will be boring to the readers.

  • Explore the topic in order to be able to write about it. Have a good knowledge of it prior start writing the paper.

  • Come up with a rough outline, so that you can easily organize the information you have into the topic.

  • Keep strictly to the format of the writing.

  • Be careful with the requirements about the format from your teacher. Usually citing sources, font size and type, length, are different in different institutions.

  • Accept the challenge and write on your own.

  • Think what your audience wants to read.

  • Present the information you have in a straightforward way.

  • Keep chronological order of events.

  • Organize the writing with topics and headlines.

  • Use as much information as you need to enable the reader to have better understanding of what you are talking about, including illustrations, graphs, maps, photographs, diagrams, etc.

  • Include checked facts and data that are referring other sources.

Here is what you shouldn’t do when writing an informative paper:

  • Don’t write about something you know very little. Readers will immediately recognize.

  • Don’t miss the due date for your writing. Bear in mind that no matter how good is your writing, if you are late with the due date, you will lose points.

  • Don’t write too much information. Pick all relevant data and make an outline where to mention.

  • Don’t use someone else’s words. If you want to use someone else’s thoughts, paraphrase them. Don’t copy- paste.

  • Be careful with the length. Make sure you keep track of the words in your writing.

  • Don’t leave spellcheck to be the only one that checks your writing. Give it to someone else to review it.

  • Don’t write it without a break. Breaks give you freedom and your creativity awakens.

Best of luck!

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