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Selecting A Powerful Essay Topic About Your Favorite Book: 18 Best Prompts

The most encouraging aspect of this assignment is that you discuss your favorite book, no matter what the subject. The list below is a series of prompts helping to spark your imagination. Make sure that you’ve read your selected text at least twice, with a second reading being done closely with notes.

  1. Answer the obvious question – This is really stating the obvious. Focus on why you really enjoyed the book.

  2. Proactively expanding your explanation – take your explanation to a higher level by analyzing the text in detail.

  3. Background checks on biographical subjects – Make playful use of your information on real life subjects.

  4. Delving into theoretical explanations – Non-fiction books, depending on the subject, may require this, but not at length.

  5. On being both subjective and objective – Try to provide readers with both analyses but focus on objectivity.

  6. Relating to personal experience – Why you like the book may certainly have been influenced by personal experience. Expand on this.

  7. How to discuss poetry – You do not need to give theoretical explanations but can focus on meanings.

  8. Make use of the movies – Many of the best movies have been adapted. You can even compare movies with its original text.

  9. Be free to choose a short story – You can focus on a profound story but do make mention of the anthology in which it appears.

  10. Dealing with different genres – In some cases, analysis of the book’s genre is also required.

  11. Talk about a classic – You can reduce the complexities by comparing it with modern life.

  12. Relate with the cover – The cover may strike you pertinently. Why not talk about how it relates to the rest of the book.

  13. Mixing fiction with fact – Truly good fiction is realistic. You can explain why you agree or not.

  14. Prepping up your reading list – Add more quality to your paper by reading beyond one text.

  15. Is it really a good book – Be as coherent as possible about this important aspect.

  16. Pros and Cons – You can balance your essay evenly between the two.

  17. Compare and contrast – Compare your book with other similar texts you have read.

  18. Down to the essay – Make sure you’ve covered the basics on how to do this.

This guide is designed to inspire writers to select a powerful essay topic about a favorite book. Hopefully, it will inspire confidence during the thinking and writing stages.

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