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Argumentation And Persuasion Essay Topics For College Students

There are various kinds of argumentation and persuasion essays which are given to college and school kids during their term. The reason is for them to do their homework and to get into the habit of conducting proper research before writing their thesis. Some of these freelance essay topics which they can write dissertations about during their college term are:

For education related dissertations:

  • Are students cheating more than they were in the past

  • Should there be grading done of teachers by the students

  • Is standard testing needed and should it be taken seriously as well as does it accurately measure the abilities of an individual

  • Do the rankings in college matter

With regards technology as well as with regards social media, research thesis topics are:

  • Are apps useful or just a waste of time for most people

  • Is face to face learning better than online learning

  • Can cell phones be used as tools for education

  • Should gaming be used as a model of instruction in classrooms

Homework on art as well as different media can be done on:

  • Why do we like to watch people who are rich and famous

  • Is reality TV promoting stereotyping

  • Is it that being trained in music you can be more successful

  • Is art necessary in life

The gender issues freelance topics are:

  • Are there different expectations and standards with regards sons and daughters

  • Do girls feel pressure to have perfect bodies and perfect figures

  • Is it acceptable that men and boys comment on women as well as girls who are passing them by

  • Why do girls not pursue careers which have math or science

With regards sports

  • When should we consider it bullying and when is it to be considered only a prank

  • Is it right for the athletes to give up their titles as well as medals if they are caught doping

  • Why is football being promoted and watched when it is dangerous

  • Should betting on sports be legalized?

With regards the legal system and politics

  • When the law is broken is it easier to get off if you are a rich person

  • Are our leaders morally obligated to us

  • When is it permissible for juveniles to receive life sentences

These are just some of the topics which college students should be given.

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