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Is It Wise To Buy Essays Online: Advice From An Expert?


Essay writing services are mostly found on online platforms. Consequently, a good number of people consider it a perfect idea buying essays online. While it may seem a good idea to have the work done without much hassles, there are a good number of drawbacks associated with the same. These include:

  • Plagiarism cases
  • Plagiarized content essay writing services come in different forms and types. Although some of the essay writing services can highly be counted upon, some others are not worth reliance at all. There are many cases where you assign a person with your essay writing work faithfully only for them to prove unfaithful by copying nearly everything.. Although they may have rephrased the lines in a way that the Copy Scape software will not detect that they have lifted points as they are from another essay, this may be purely what they have done. This may cost you dearly especially when it comes to awarding of marks since your work will be rendered as not original.

  • It encourages laziness
  • Although most people prefer to buy essays online especially when there are loads of assignments, others will just do it for the sake. This is so unfortunate especially if you cannot write the essay yourself. Most times, the teachers tend to give a certain assignment as a way of making students practice what was taught in class. Therefore, if you opt to buy the essay online while you cannot manage doing it yourself, odds are that you may not manage to do it when it comes to exams. In that case, it may not be advisable for anyone to buy essays online.

  • Lack of creativity
  • When you buy essays online instead of writing them yourself, there is little or no creativity in the bought essay. This is something that is mostly due to the common cases of people rewriting the best essays that they find in the Internet. That way, odds are that the teacher may come across another essay with the same concurrent idea while marking which will definitely cost you marks. At the same time, once you are a student and you develop the habit of seeking essay writing services for any essay assigned by the teacher, you block your mind from being creative. This is likely to cost you dearly when it comes to the exam where you cannot buy essays online but have to develop it yourself.


However, when buying an essay online, there are several factors that you should consider. The essay writing company that you are assigning your work, work load and your capability of doing the work yourself. If you cannot write the essay yourself, it is unfortunate since you cannot tell when the work done for you has mistakes.

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